Cannabis und sein Kampf gegen die Epilepsie

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Perhaps we can try to define this condition as a kind of thunderstorm, generated in the clouds and grey skies inside the head of the sufferer at a certain point. Normally we would expect that after the storm, calm will eventually follow.

It is known that epilepsy is indeed some sort of electrical activity caused inside the brain, which will usually result in a seizure. Bizarre sensations or loss of consciousness may also occur. In either case, this would amount to an epileptic seizure.

These symptoms fall into two pillars: focal and generalized. The first implies that they start in a specific part of the brain. The second is that they originate in the whole brain.

Statistically, it is known that epilepsy mainly affects young children and older adults. Also, it may impact more than 70 million people around the world. Yet, it can harm people of all ages. The main cause of this condition is due to several factors and genetic susceptibility, rather than a single source.

Treatment of epilepsy

Possibly the first medical measure for treating epilepsy are anticonvulsants, although they may only work for a segment of the epileptic population.

The other part of this group, estimated to be about one-third of all sufferers, may show signs of drug resistance. Even formulating any pharmaceutical ‚cocktail‘ as an alchemist’s failed attempt to find a cure. In addition, some side effects often result from these.

Here is when we speak of the so-called refractory epilepsy. Surgery may also be needed as a last attempt to achieve a prolonged solution.

CBD in epilepsy

Although research on CBD properties is not as widespread as on other active ingredients, specifically in its use for epilepsy or refractory epilepsy, there are enough studies (including clinical trials) where this substance could significantly reduce the frequency of seizures.

This is regardless of whether CBD is used for childhood epilepsy, adult epilepsy, or epilepsy in the elderly.

CBD can be used as a complementary treatment with other drugs, which can generate interaction between them. Not necessarily because of the effect of CBD, but because of a possible reduction of the drugs already administered.

This may be part of the process of finding a possible relief from the symptoms of epilepsy, through an alternative in which other conventional treatments have not been successful.

It is difficult and risky to establish which is the best epilepsy drug or treatment. What is worth noting is that, in some cases, CBD can be a solution to treat epilepsy where other treatments have failed.

It is also worth mentioning that its toxicity levels are low for the body, which makes it free of side effects, among many other benefits.

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